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Car Insurance is critical and most importantly it is the law in every state. The trick to getting the lowest price for automobile coverage is to compare as many competing rate quotes as possible. Thanks to the internet and free quoting sites like Rodney D Young insurance locations, it has never been easier to save up to 40% on car insurance. Compare Car Insurance At Rodney D Young Insurance Locations and that will match you with the cheapest insurance quote for the coverage you want, all in just a few minutes.

Compare Car Insurance At Rodney D Young Insurance Locations

It’s been estimated that over 80% of people that buy car insurance have no clue about what they are buying or the coverage amounts in their policy. People spend more time reserving their favorite restaurant online than learning about insurance coverage basics. Although the topic can agreeably be a bit boring, it could save you lots of money, and that’s exciting.

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There are a few basic things you should inform yourself on before you ever buy car insurance. If you don’t, then you can get pressured into an expensive policy that has overlapping coverage that you don’t need or deductibles that are too low or high. Learn all you can about the five types of basic automobile insurance coverage before you go out and buy a policy.

1. Liability insurance
Liability car insurance coverage protects from expenses resulting from an automobile accident you were at fault for.
This coverage will pay for the costs associated with the accident including bodily injuries and property damage. Nearly all states have minimum amounts of liability insurance you need to purchase to meet the state’s guidelines. Check with your state insurance office to learn about the minimums. It’s always smart to get more than the minimum legal liability insurance because you could very well be in a serious accident that causes significant damage that you are responsible for. If you can afford it, get $200,000 in liability protection.

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2. Collision Protection
If you are involved in an accident, collision car insurance will cover you for the expenses to repair your vehicle. If your automobile is completely totaled in a car wreck, collision insurance will pay for the current value of the vehicle. The older your car is, the fewer coverage amounts you should consider purchasing. For example, let’s say you had a 1994 Honda Civic that was worth $800. It doesn’t make sense spending an extra $400 a year for collision protection because in about two years you will have paid about the same in premiums than the car is worth. The more expensive the car is, the more collision protection you should get.

collision protetion

3. Comprehensive Insurance
Other than auto accidents, think about all the things that could happen to your car. These could include animals that hit your vehicle like a deer, hail storms, floods, and even tornados. In a situation like this, comprehensive insurance will insure you for these unexpected events that damage your car. If you have an alarm such as Lo-jack device installed on your car and park it in a garage, then you can usually receive a discount on comprehensive coverage. If you have made a large investment in your vehicle like a new Lexus SUV, then you should spend the extra money for comprehensive coverage and fully protect your valuable investment.

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4. PIP or personal injury protection
Personal injury protection is something you should strongly consider purchasing. Medical bills associated with car accidents can be astronomical and potentially bankrupt you without adequate insurance. Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, PIP insurance will cover you and your passengers medical costs. Not every state offers PIP car insurance so check with your state insurance office or just at Rodney D Young Insurance Locations.

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5. Uninsured Motorists Coverage
In today’s world, it seems every day we hear about traffic fatalities where one of the parties involved does not have any car insurance. People who drive but carry no insurance are known as uninsured motorists. If one of these illegal drivers hits you and does damage to you and your vehicle, it might be nearly impossible to collect damages. Uninsured driver coverage will protect you from this type of accident. If you live in a big city such as Los Angeles, California where there are a large number of uninsured drivers, you should consider getting this coverage if you can afford it.

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Exclusions to your policy – Compare Car Insurance At Rodney D Young Insurance Locations

Many insurance salespeople will try to put add-ons to your policy such as rental car insurance. Most people already have car rental insurance through their credit cards, so it’s just not necessary. Another popular add-on is towing coverage.

It might just be cheaper to get this protection through triple A than adding it to your policy. Always read every word of your policy before buying. Don’t be afraid to question anything you don’t understand or want to be removed.

Rodney D Young Insurance Locations
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Saving money online has never been so easy thanks to the internet. Rodney Young Insurance also has discounts for active military personnel, veterans, and teachers. Let Rodney D Young Insurance Locations prove to you how low our rates are. Get your free rate quote now. Compare Car Insurance At Rodney D Young Insurance Locations and find the one who match with the cheapest auto insurance policy for the coverage you desire in just a few minutes.