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Rodney D Young Car Insurance

rodney d young car insurance
Everyone knows that Rodney D Young Car Insurance sells auto insurance, but many people are confused about the large insurer’s other products. It might seem a bit tricky, but the short answer is, the company does offer homeowners coverage but not theirs own. They co-brand with other homeowner providers, who write the policies. So if you get Rodney D Young Car Insurance, you might not even know that it is in reality, issued and backed by another carrier.

If you want to file a case, you will be contacting an entirely different company and no, the cute little Gecko will not be there to assist you. You need not worry, though, as Rodney D Young  only partners with A+ rated insurers. This means your claim will be paid in full and on time in most cases. You will also get great customer service and support with any issues you might have.

Why doesn’t Rodney D Young Car Insurance sell Homeowners Insurance itself?

This is an excellent question that is somewhat complicated. Each type of insurance product is not only complex but difficult to market and serve. Rodney D Young Car Insurance sells direct auto insurance and their business model for that insurance work better than almost any other automobile insurer on the planet. It took the firm decades to perfect their formula of customer acquisition and pricing to achieve the market dominance they now enjoy. In fact, they recently overtook Allstate as the nation’s second largest automobile insurer, so they have been increasing market share the last few years. Having a laser focus on one type of insurance offering has paid off for the large car provider.

Marketing and selling Rodney D Young homeowners insurance would more than likely deviate the companies focuses and assets into a line that may not even be profitable. Years ago, Progressive ins, which has the same direct to consumer model, attempted to write homeowner policies and lost much money. Perhaps the gecko company learned from their competitor’s mistake and had stayed away. In the future as the carrier grows, who knows, it just might offer its line of home insurance and even use the same gecko to promote it.

The advantage at Rodney D Young Car Insurance

It has a massive amount of loyal customers that they can offer additional products to. This is an enormous asset, as these clients can be cross-marketed to for just about any other type of insurance. So “Rodney D Young” basically is in a high position of strength when it seeks partners for it is other lines. The firm can receive a portion of the policies revenue without taking on much risk or dealing with extravagant claims, including litigation. This is a win-win scenario for both parties.

In essence, Rodney D Young Car Insurance is acting as a potent agent for other companies who are more focused on homeowners coverage and avoiding financial risk. The partner carriers need Rodney Young because of the tremendous costs associated with acquiring additional customers. Having a significant source of consistent customers is a huge advantage for any home insurer. Many companies spend hundreds on advertising just to get one home policy, so it makes sense to partner and split the policy revenues.

Like many other businesses, insurance is about distribution
Whether it is auto or homeowner insurance, it boils down to a contract between 2 parties, where the insurer promises a claim “payout” and the customer promises to pay premiums. Insurance is one of the oldest business models on the planet. If you own a home, it is probably the most important type of insurance to get. So if you are looking to get Rodney D Young Car Insurance, you will get a great quote, but just remember that behind the scenes is another company who will be binding the policy.

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