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The United States has a car culture that’s resulted in just about every individual owning a vehicle. To say American’s are crazy about their cars is a huge understatement.

Even though the public transportation system is effective and efficient, it does not connect you to the open road and you’re not in control. Owning a car is an important aspect of everyday life in God’s own country. However, owning and driving a car is not the end of it, investing in the right insurance that covers the car but most especially you during any form of accident is an important decision.

Get Low-Cost Auto Insurance at Rodney D Young Locations

Different types of car insurance are available for your vehicle, no matter its worth or mileage. At Rodney D Young Locations, we offer both cheap liability only plans as well as full coverage auto insurance for all your needs. In case you get into an accident, we are here to assist you 24/7 and get you back on the road.


Liability Coverage

In a liability coverage, let’s imagine you are a bit carried away while making a U-turn at a crossroad, and you hit an oncoming vehicle and swerved towards a stationary motorcycle in an attempt to halt. Everyone in your car including you did not suffer any bodily harm, but the other driver and his passengers were not as lucky as they were rushed to a medical facility.

If your insurance policy is bought from Rodney D Young Locations, the Liability coverage pays for the bodily damage on the other driver and his passengers which are a result of your accident. The coverage also pays for legal fees if you are sued by the other driver or the motorcycle owner. Bodily liability cover will also pay for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

Medical Payment Policy

Rodney D Young Locations also covers medical payments. If the traffic light stops you and, in the process, you were hit by another car. If you are injured or dead, payment will be made for medical expenses or funeral expenses for the specified number of people covered by the policy. It is important to note that this coverage is not required by most states, but it is safer to be on the right side of the law.

Collision Coverage

If there’s any collision with another car or an object and a car rollover. Collision coverage provided by Rodney D Young Locations will provide coverage for not just the bender-fender but also a new bumper, a new headlight, and a paint job. By asking yourself how much you are willing to pay regarding loss will save money on premiums.

Comprehensive Coverage

Hailstones, winds, fire, vandalism, flood, theft, thunderstorms or even hitting an animal can inflict damage and put dents on your vehicles. But with comprehensive coverage, Rodney D Young pay for the damage done to your vehicle by this natural and human causes. Do not overlook the impact of these causes on your vehicle coverage, as it can be very hard on your pocketbook if you are not covered.

Uninsured Coverage

With an uninsured motor vehicle coverage, in case an individual without insurance that can cover damages caused by him/her on your vehicle causes damages, you are covered by the insurance policy you have purchased. It is worrisome and sad that some people still drive without any form of liability insurance. If such an individual causes an incident, the sufferer of the damage will be adequately covered if there’s an uninsured motor vehicle coverage policy available.

Underinsured Coverage

It is not only that some vehicle is not insured at all, but some are also underinsured. With many drivers with low limits of liability coverage, it is important to purchase an underinsured motor vehicle coverage from reputable insurance firms like Rodney D Young Locations. This will pay for damages in a motor vehicle accident caused by an individual without adequate liability insurance. Lost wages will be provided; medical expenses will be catered for, and pain and suffering will be paid by the insurance provider. It is advisable that you add this form of insurance cover to your policy as it is inexpensive but the amount of protection it offers is enviable.

Car Rental and Travel Expenses Coverage

If your vehicle is towed to a mechanic workshop after a collision, moving around will become a bit difficult as using the public transportation system may not be a good choice. If you are policyholder, car reimbursement will be made daily so that your daily routine will not be disrupted. You should, however, know that the compensation varies according to states. The travel expenses coverage will pay for your meals, transportation, and lodging to specified and available limits. If the insured vehicle is damaged as a result of comprehensive or collision damages, at least 50 miles from your home.

Emergency Road Service

This coverage provides the cost of mechanical labor incurred at the place of breakdown if your vehicle is disabled, the payments for towing to a mechanical workshop. If your car is stuck in the mud and needs to be pulled out, assistance with change of tire, delivery of oil change, and a jumpstart or locksmith services.

Rodney D Young Locations

Emergencies paid for by at Rodney D Young Locations

It is important to subscribe to this policy as vehicles are prone to any of these emergencies. Paying out of your pocket may be a huge financial burden, but with the emergency services coverage, all you have to do is provide the bill, and it will be paid.

You will be on the right side of the law and be prepared for any form of unforeseen issues relating to your motor vehicle. You will keep yourself safe and catered for during accidents and third parties involved will be covered for and your vehicle will be as new after an accident. Finally, it is not only important to be covered by some or even all of this insurance policy, but it will provide rest of mind as a vehicle owner and driver if the policy is provided by competent, trusted, and reliable insurance firms like Rodney D Young Locations. Compare rates online today and lower your coverage costs.