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Direct Car Insurance Online

The reason people shop for direct car insurance online is that they think they can lower their premiums and save more money. Let’s face it; auto insurance is a total necessity but in some ways is viewed as a commodity. There are numerous insurers out there that have excellent coverage and friendly representatives. So it boils down to getting a good price on the type of coverage you want from a reliable insurer. At Rodney D Young Insurance company, we specialize in helping customers find the cheapest auto insurance, along with super friendly help. Get your RodneyDYoung quote online and see the savings for yourself.


The Most Important thing in getting Low-Cost Direct Auto Insurance

Most people think their driving record or the car they drive is the most critical factor in finding affordable coverage. While these are big factors, the most important thing to do is shop with multiple providers to find the best rates. This means getting at least ten free quotes so you can compare the highest and lowest prices and also get an average cost for the coverage you want. You are probably thinking this will take way too much time and most quotes is likely to be about the same. This simply is not true. At Rodney D Young car insurance, you can get quoted from up to ten carriers in less than 4 minutes. You can also save hundreds, at the same time acquiring a premium ins plan.

Customize your Insurance Plan Online

One of the big benefits of buying direct general auto insurance is you are in control of the buying process. This means you can customize the type of insurance you want and nothing more. Most agents and brokers are paid on commission, which means they often push for policies that cost more and thus pay more out in commissions. Make a plan of the amount of coverage you need before you start getting quoted. If you only need minimum liability ins, then you can get exceptionally low rates at Rodney young insurance. In fact, liability policies can be secured for as low as $29 monthly.

It’s also very important to evaluate the amount of protection you need so you are fully protected. If you have assets to protect and a newer vehicle, it might make sense to select a collision or comprehensive policy. Comprehensive insurance will cost more, but as the name says, it provides a wider range of coverage. If your vehicle is worth more than $25,000, it is recommended to protect the investment in the automobile by selecting comprehensive ins. Start comparing quotes online now and get your custom policy for less.


Get Higher Deductibles and Save

A super simple strategy for lowering your premiums is to get a high deductible policy. Lots of people do not even know what a deductible is, so let’s go over it first. When a claim is filed after an incident, a policyholder must pay an upfront fee before the insurer kicks in and pays for costs involved up and to the insured limits. By raising it to $1,000 or more, you can save hundreds annually off your premiums. You might ask, why do insurers offer cheaper rates for this? It has been proven that people who have high deductibles file far fewer claims and drive safer to avoid accidents. If you have the cash saved up, then this strategy makes sense. On the other hand, if your automobile is ten or more years old, then it might not be smart, as the savings incurred will be too small to make a difference.

Not all Insurers are the Same
Most people don’t understand that when a premium is paid to an insurer, that money is invested and you are entrusting the company that if a claim is ever made, the funds will be available to pay it. The problem is carriers, like every other business sectors, have financial problems and go bankrupt. This is why you should always check the financial rating of the provider you are thinking of doing business with. A great place to do this is A.M. Best. This neutral rating service gives grades on several key metrics from F to A.

Try and stick with direct auto insurers that have an A or higher financial grade. This way you won’t have to worry about your claim not getting paid or the company going belly up.

Buying Direct Auto Insurance

Now that you have compared several direct car insurance quotes online, it’s time to buy your policy. Some insurers will let you purchase a policy direct car insurance online. This means you don’t even have to talk to a salesperson. Make sure you can also print out your I.D. cards online so you can be 100% insured and not have to wait around for the mail to come. The premium website is Rodney D Young Insurance will let you do everything online. You can apply for quotes, compare multiple rates and buy a policy, all in a few short minutes. Get going and start your free quotation today.