First Month Free Car Insurance

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First Month Free Car Insurance

You can never be too careful about anything related to money or finance, including car insurance coverage. You’ve probably seen the countless deals including first month free car insurance. You can buy the policy and stay protected for a good 30 days and then cancel it. Or you could pay the insurance company and continue with it if you really want it. While this may sound tempting, most U.S. based insurance companies don’t really offer free first-month insurance policies.

first month free car insurance

Some of these promises by insurance companies are true. Some however are not. To be sure of what is being offered, you must always read all the fine print carefully and think twice before paying for the insurance.

Are you looking for a good car insurance plan but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket? There are several plans available, but you’d probably want one that’s a little light on the pocket. Sometimes even a mere $100 down payment can seem like a burden on your bank account. It’s even more stressful when the law requires you have automobile insurance if you plan on driving and you are broke and can’t afford any payment the first month.

Does First Month Free Car Insurance Really Exist?

The idea of getting a full free month of car insurance seems pretty tempting and almost too good to be true. Can you really get 30 days insured without making a payment? Or is it a scam? The answer depends on what insurance company you’re opting for, how they structure the premiums payments, and whether or not it’s a reliable insurer. A lot of factors come into play here. It also depends on the company’s definition of the discount being offered.

If you’re lucky, yes, the first month might actually be free. This means that you’ll be paying one installment payment less. Simply put, you’re not going to be paying one month’s insurance, thus the first month is free. For example, if you are buying a 1-year insurance plan, with a $100 a month payment each month, then you’re supposed to be paying $1,200 in total. But with the first month free, you will need to make 11 payments totaling 1,200 or about $109 per month. So, as you can see in this example, while you are not making a payment the first month, you are still paying an overall 100% of the cost of a year’s coverage.

With some companies and insurance plans, you will actually be saving money while you won’t be in other cases. Most often, it turns out to be a marketing strategy to lure you into purchasing a policy. The only way to know for sure is to read the details carefully and make an informed decision based on your information.

What are the Benefits of Buying One Month Free Car Insurance?

You will be saving money whether or not you’re getting one month free. Getting an actual one-month free policy is definitely a benefit. However, not actually getting a month free can also have its benefits as well.

When you are getting one month free, as in the case I discussed above, you will benefit from the first month of the policy by not having to make a payment. This can help you if:

  • You Have No Money for Car Insurance
  • Have Lost your Job but Still Need Auto Insurance
  • Need to Use Those Funds on Other Expenses


For example, suppose you’ve bought that brand new Corolla that you’ve wanted to buy for a while now. Life’s good at the moment and you’re looking forward to all the fun rides you’re going to be having. But that down payment on the car you just paid was enormous.

Life is suddenly not so good when you realize that you have to buy auto insurance before actually driving your new car. Did you actually forget about the insurance? Now money is super tight, and you can’t afford to pay for coverage. You legally can’t drive your vehicle without first getting the insurance. However, there is a short-term solution. With auto insurance first month free, you can start driving your new ride right away, without spending money on your first installment payment.

Where can you Find This Type of Insurance?

So where can you get this kind of insurance plan? The key to finding one is to browse through all your options online. Look up as many insurance plans as you can and compare what they offer. From the discounts to the premiums to online specials, do your research. Get started now by entering your zip code.

List the pros and cons and choose which insurance plan and which company’s policy will save you the most. There are tons of insurance companies offering several kinds of plans that can fit your unique situation, including first month free car insurance. Another area

Advantages of A Free No Down Payment Car Insurance Policy

No down payment insurance policies can be helpful in a lot of ways. The most evident benefit is that you don’t need to tie up any cash, while still getting covered. If you are temporarily low on cash or you’re waiting for money that’s going to come in soon, then a no-down-payment policy can really save you in a financial crunch.

You can get your vehicle insured without the stress of making a big upfront deposit payment. You can qualify for a full month of automobile insurance and get complete coverage in the process. In addition, the policy will stay the same for the coming months as well.

Free Auto Insurance for 2 Months

Consumers generally look for the cheapest options when it comes to getting their car insured. This includes making the lowest down payment and installment payments as possible. Some companies go as far as offering the first 2 months of car insurance free of cost. This can really help those low on funds get legally insured for an extended period of time before making the initial installment payment.

With two months of free car insurance, you still have to pay the full amount for the insurance policy. The balance owed is just added to the remaining payments of the premium cost. Generally, this offer is given to older customers who want to get their insurance updated and have a long term and reliable track record of making on-time payments. Recently, insurers have started prioritizing new customers by offering them cheaper rates and more incentives to lure them away from competitors.

Tips on Getting First Month Free Car Insurance

In this era of internet and technology, you don’t really need brokers and agents to get cheap auto insurance with a low deposit and the first month free car insurance. You can get all the information you need online in a few short minutes. You can use a quote engine to help you find what insurers offer first-month free auto insurance and if you qualify. Get started now by entering your zip code and fill out a quick online application.

In addition, do your research on any company you are considering doing business with. Check their customer satisfaction reviews, financial stability, and claim payment history.

Online Prices are Often Cheaper

Customers, who use the internet and do their own research instead of relying on brokers and agents for car insurance often report savings of $500 or even more. Direct insurers often have the cheapest rates, and you can manage your policy online. You can also get discounts online in a few short minutes. These include discounts for:

  • Senior Citizens
  • Good Drivers
  • Active Military or Veterans
  • Garaged Vehicles
  • Teachers
  • Good Students

Auto Insurance First Month Free Quotes

After you fill out an application your information will be sent to insurers, both regional carriers as well as national providers. They will offer the cheapest rates and plans available for the coverage you need. You can also call up an agent and compare their rates. To get your free quote, start an application by entering your zip code. Get the policy you need today and save more. The best and easiest way to get first month free car insurance is by comparing side by side quotes online.