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Choose the Best Auto Insurance Online

You probably already know that buying car insurance is a legal mandate in the United States and not optional if you plan on operating a motor vehicle. Having your vehicle insured not only protects you but other motorists that might get into an accident that involves you. Most people are unaware of the automobile various insurance options available to them, and fewer know how to get the cheapest rates. Let’s explore how to choose the best auto insurance online so you can keep more of you hard earned money in the bank. Get quoted only from RodneyDYoung insurance on-line and lower your premiums today.

Most people keep renewing their same old policy over and over again, which can be a big mistake. This may be attributed to habit or a feeling of guilt over not leaving a broker or agent that has become a good friend. Some people also get trapped into policies that are sold by family or close friends and feel guilty changing insurers. Don’t let this happen to you. The truth is, these important financial decisions need to serve you and emotions should not get in the way of you saving money.

Select The Policy you Need First

Before you’re ready to buy coverage, you first need to select the type of ins policy you need. There are three general types.

  1. Liability Only

This will get you insured but with very limited coverage. State minimum liability insurance can be purchased for as low as $28 a month in some states, but it does not cover much. If you get into an at-fault crash, you could be held liable for thousands in medical bills and vehicle repair costs. If you have a vehicle you don’t drive much or are on a super strict budget, consider getting this for a short period and upgrade your coverage later.

  1. Collision Insurance

This important coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle even if you are not at fault in an accident. It has a broader range of protection and is important to have if your cars worth more than $10,000. Collision ins is more expensive than liability, but it can pay for itself if you get into an accident that does extensive damage to your car.

  1. Comprehensive

If you want complete protection from almost anything that can happen to your automobile, then comprehensive is the right plan for you. This enhanced full cover policy goes hand in hand with collision and protects you from damage to your vehicle that’s not related to another car crash. So if a tree falls on your car while it is parked or a hurricane causes flooding to it, then you will be insured. Comprehensive is the most expensive of the three but provides the best overall protection. If your car is a new model, then you should consider protecting the big investment you’ve made and get it fully insured with comprehensive.

Buy Auto Insurance Direct

Take your time weighing each option and determine the type of policy that serves you and your family best. Once you know the plan and amount of coverage, you are ready to price shop. The most convenient and fastest way to compare insurance rates is online. Direct insurers like Rodney Young have prices that most traditional insurance companies can’t compete with. Most people that shop at Rodney D Young car insurance save about $500 on average, just by buying direct.

Compare up to 10 quotes, so you have a large enough sample to draw a price conclusion. Next, when you choose the best auto insurance online you also need to make sure the companies in good shape. The worst thing that can happen is getting a policy with a company that is about to go bankrupt. Check out A.M. Best and thoroughly vet the company.

Make sure they have a B and higher financial rating or don’t get insurance with them. Once you have selected the insurance plan and company, try and get all the discounts you can. At RodneyDYoung website, you can get prequalified for student, military and even teacher discounts. Get your online discount now at Rodney Young insurance and save with direct pricing.