Aflac Auto Insurance Key Facts

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Aflac Auto Insurance: the Truth about it

Aflac is a world-renowned insurance company that is famous for their popular commercials. Their growth is among the fastest in the industry. This multinational company was created in Columbus, Georgia, in 1955. Aflac focuses on specialty supplemental insurance. Their main clients are mostly employers. Nevertheless, they also offer supplemental coverage to small business owners and individuals. When most people hear Aflac insurance, they instantly link the company with its well-known logo, the Aflac duck. This famous duck was a success since it saw the light decades ago. It is the main character in TV commercials that have been seen all over the world.
Aflac Auto Insurance

Does Aflac Sell Car Insurance?

Aflac’s television commercials are similar in style and profile to Geico’s. This might be the reason that leads people to think they could buy Aflac auto insurance. Many people search online each month for “Aflac car insurance near me”. It’s a common belief that Aflac offers car insurance online and also through agents. However, the company does not offer car insurance at this moment. However, many clients visit Aflac’s website to get auto insurance quotes. If you need to compare Auto Insurance Quotes, enter your zip code and get free quotes from multiple companies.

Aflac specializes in supplemental coverage. They have 70,000 agents to sell this insurance product in the U.S. and internationally. The company’s mascot has had a significant impact on the Japanese people. This has brought a lot of success for Aflac. In fact, Japan has become one of the fastest-growing markets for the insurer.

What Is Aflac Supplemental Insurance Coverage?

Supplemental insurance is an additional plan that could solve coverage gaps that you might have in diverse kinds of policies. Here is an example for clarification. Let’s suppose you are a construction employee and have an unlucky accident at your workplace. As a result, you get injured one day and end up with two broken legs. Most likely, your regular health insurance policy may not cover lost income after 30 days.

Using Aflac, you could get supplemental coverage and add it to your current health care policy. This will allow you to recover for lost wages caused by an injury during a defined period. Aflac supplemental coverage may also be added to your disability policy. Let’s say your work area is a dangerous place with a high accident rate.

In this case, you should take a look at Aflac accident insurance. Buying supplemental coverage could protect you from lost income. Of course, this kind of policy might not cover all your requirements. Yet, it could help you with your primary needs, such as housing and food. It would be almost like getting insurance for your standard living costs until you recover from your injuries.

You could get Aflac insurance coverage along with health insurance. Nevertheless, they are sold separately from your health insurance. Unlike traditional medical insurance, these policies are commonly known as rider policies.

Concerning Aflac car insurance, rider coverage is incorporated as medical cost coverage. It would cover long-term treatment and care in case of injury. It would also include the usual monthly expenses. The vast majority of insurers will not provide important gap coverage, as Aflac auto insurance offers. For sure, you won’t find anything like Aflac gap coverage with another insurance provider. You can enter your zip code now to get a free quote and discover the cheapest direct rates online in about five minutes or less.

Aflac Auto Insurance Claims Review

Since Aflac does not exactly sell automobile insurance policies, there are not Aflac claims to review. Nevertheless, Aflac assures a fast claim processing experience for each client. According to several reviews, this company is one of the top providers when it comes to claiming responsiveness and satisfaction. The company is consistently one of the highest rates insurers worldwide.

Generally, policyholders receive their money in just a few days. Aflac customer service is top-notch. Aflac insurance is an excellent choice if you get sick, injured, and unable to work. With it, you would get the financial aid that medical insurance won’t provide. In short, Aflac is a hedge against unforeseen accidents that can save workers financially if such an event occurs.

Aflac Auto Insurance Review

There are not many reviews of Aflac auto insurance. This is due to the previously mentioned reason: Aflac does not offer auto insurance policies. Still, there are other Aflac insurance reviews. For example, the gold standard in the insurance business, A. M. Best, rates this company with the best ratings. These are some of the core Aflac ratings:

  • A+ or Superior financial strength, according to A.M. Best.
  • A+ given by Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • A+ rating for claim processing

What Are The Insurance Products Offered By Aflac?

Below, you will find a list of the insurance products offered by Aflac and the best way you can get them:

Through the workplace, you can get:

  • Hospital Indemnity insurance
  • Adult-only life insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Vision Insurance

Aflac sells Directly to Consumers and by Employers the following:

  • Cancer insurance policies
  • Accident insurance policies
  • Critical illness cover
  • Dental insurance
  • Term life insurance for children

Contact an Aflac agent today to get a quote or call toll free.

Aflac has cancer plans where you could make a lump sum payment or make more than one payment during a certain period of time. You could decide this according to your diagnosis and medical treatment. When you have bought an Aflac dental plan, you could choose any dentist you want. Another advantage of these plans is they don’t have deductibles.

Final Word On Aflac Auto Insurance

If you are looking for Aflac auto insurance at Aflac’s website, you will not find it, as we have said. Nevertheless, through an online agent or with a telephone call, you could buy Aflac gap auto coverage. Supplemental insurance provided by Aflac is a good option if you need extended coverage and financial aid because you have suffered injuries at work.

Aflac is one of the most trustworthy and financially solid insurance providers worldwide. They have first-class claim processing and dedicated customer service. Still, if you want Aflac car insurance, you should search for coverage with another insurance company. Just type your zip code into our quote comparison form, and you will be able to compare ten quotes in a matter of minutes. See how easy it is to get cheaper auto insurance online with direct rates.