$20 Weekly Car Insurance

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$20 Weekly Car Insurance

20 Weekly Car Insurance
Believe it or not, there is now a $20 Weekly Car Insurance option that is available in the United States market. This subset of insurance has been available in the UK for quite some time but has only been recently introduced in the U.S. Many industries are currently evolving and revolutionizing their methods to fit in the hyper-competitive world we now live in.

This positive change has been beneficial to the consumers who enjoy the add-on advantages and privileges that come with the new insurance products. One of the most notable changes in the financial services sector are insurance companies who have increased their insurance coverage products diversely. Who could have known that you can now insure your car weekly?

What Exactly is One-Week Car Insurance?

A week by week auto insurance policy is a more well-defined coverage. There are multiple eventualities in which a person needs to buy insurance for 7 or 14 days and needs to best rates. This includes:

  • Long journeys that require more than one driver to avoid fatigue.
  • Your car is off for repair
  • Family members are borrowing your car
  • Family road trips that require sharing driving responsibilities during the journey
  • Extended family members who have visited you and want to use your vehicle
  • Intermittent periods when your annual policy needs to be reinstated after expiration

Who Needs Weekly Auto Insurance?

This kind of short-term insurance is precisely what you need when you have temporary ownership of a car. For instance, you have a vacation that could last just one week. You could also be borrowing a car or renting one and need added ins protection.

There are so many other reasons why $20 per week car insurance can be handy, even when you are the one lending out your car. You always need to protect your financial assets, so even if you allow someone to use a vehicle that has been stored and not covered, it’s smart to add temporary weekly coverage to be safe. You never know when an accident will happen and they always seem to occur at the worst times.

Get Liability Coverage for $20 Per Week

The main reason for insuring a car is generally for the legal reasons. In all 50 states, every motorized automobile needs to be insured. However, the car owners insurance is entitled to cover drivers, including family members and friends. When you let anyone borrow a car that is not insured, even for a few days, you are going to need short-term insurance. At insurers like Rodney D Young, you can get covered by the week for only $20. Apply now for a free online quote.

This basic auto insurance policy becomes a liability when it comes to common cases, where out-of-town guests are loaned cars and subsequently get involved in an accident. They are excluded from this coverage. Therefore, additional coverage is required for such cases. In some instances, the guest driver might just be running an errand, such as going to pick up some pizza. Renting cars is another typical situation that requires extra coverage in some cases.

Buy Weekly Auto Insurance For Rental Vehicles

The basic insurance from a rental car exclusively covers just you as the primary driver. It charges extra if you want to cover the inclusion of other motorists who will be driving it. You also might need week by week auto insurance for your rental vehicle if it will be used for more than 2 weeks. This is because buying insurance direct is much cheaper than through the rental firm, who charge as much as $12 daily for basic coverage.

How Much does Weekly Auto Insurance cost?

The one-week automobile insurance policy depends on the company, distance covered and the model of the car. Hence, this type of pay-as-you-go insurance averages about $20 to $40 per week. This pricing depends on the type of policy you need, your driving record, vehicle, credit and other factors.

Despite the pricing, the most important thing is that you purchase enough coverage. There is a minimum requirement of liability, personal injury and property damage mandatory limits in every state. These minimum rates are normally incorporated in the insurance price, which might be insufficient as per your needs. In that case, your insurance provider should notify you of the factors that you will need to get the proper coverage.

Who Can Get One Week Auto insurance?

Week by week auto insurance plans are available to any driver whose license is not currently suspended or revoked in any state. The only factor that might not qualify a person from obtaining weekly automobile insurance is the age of the driver. Some companies will only sell auto insurance by the week to motorists over the age of 21. Apply for a free quote at RodneyDYoung Insurance and see up to 10 car insurance rates, will plan from $20 down.

Some auto insurance providers may have driver limits up to 24 years. Nevertheless, for a non-USA citizen coming to the states for a visit, they may be required to purchase the full coverage provided by the rental car firm. You can still have the chance of buying a policy from your country, but that will mean checking insurance offers at home, for availability.

Benefits of Seven Day Auto Insurance

1. Your NCD (no claim discount) is not at risk even after an additional driver is involved.
2. In case an accident occurs that is not your fault, your legal expenses are covered up and to the policy limits you choose.
3. You can almost immediately start driving since the insurance is valid just 15 minutes after purchase.
4. You don’t have to buy the additional annual insurance policy which might be unnecessary and costly.

Who is Eligible For $20 Weekly Auto Insurance Coverage?

Drivers aged 21-75 years, using vehicles registered in the U.S. can qualify for $20 weekly car insurance. Rates are subject to many factors, and some drivers will pay more, while some lucky drivers might even pay less. To get car insurance for a week, apply online at Rodney Young and start comparing plans from multiple insurers.